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So I'm looking for art of my ocs but here's the thing: I don't have many points or much money.
So instead i'll be offering chibis and bust shots (all digital). But you may just feel free to draw my ocs if you like> I'd totally appreciate it.

So here's my ocs:

Sakura: (in a relationship with justice)
Sakura by Hylian-Pugapillar

Puppet by
Chari by
<da:thumb id="608412972"/>

grim chibi by
Ember by Hylian-Pugapillar
Cloud by
Justice by
Seiko by
Kiho by
Unnamed ocs:

Everything is appreciated, thankchu so much guys! <3


Chibi bunny adopts (closed) by nerdylittleminds
Just thought i'd let you all know so you can jump on them quick!
Sorry I'm late uploading this, I've been having a few connection problems lately.
But I'm happy to announce that the winner of the free monster chibi is:


Congratulations to you! And thank you for all the other participants!
I'm thinking of doing another one soon so be on the lookout for some more giveaways <3
So 2 days left for my  free Easter giveway!
The end date is tomorrow guys so hurry and comment below on my piccie for the chance of winning (you might as well give it a try, it is free of course)
I pick the winner tomorrow so good luck guys!!
Happy Easter give away by Hylian-Pugapillar
^Just click on this and then comment on the baby ;D
Everyone's welcome ^.^
So I'm holding a free Easter giveway!
The end date for this will be Sunday the third of March (which I know isn't very long but i'll do a bigger one that lasts longer if I get a few people on this) and all you have to do for a chance of winning is to comment on this link (drawing) below and I'll give you a number.
On the end date i'll randomly draw a number and that one will be the winner!

Happy Easter give away by Hylian-Pugapillar

It's just a bit of fun for you all ;D
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter whether you celebrate it or not!
Hey peeps!

Hope chur all doing fabulous, it's been a while since I've made a journal entry!

Well I'm opening my art trades now since I'm all out of ideas for drawing lately. I have five slots open at the moment but I might make that more depending on how I go on..I won't be drawing anything 18 plus nor any animals and I prefer to draw people ocs :3

Also if anyone is interested I really want to get a ship for a few of my ocs especially as valentines is coming up so comment if you're interested in shipping your oc with mine!

My ocs:
Ember-chan by Hylian-Pugapillar
Personality: cheerful, bubbly, can be loud and a little mischeivous at times

#4 Commisions by Trix-Gaming-Artist
Personality: Moody but will lighten up when you get to know her. She's a bit mad as wel

AT: Hylian-Pugapillar by UtaXSama
Personality:shy and an all round cutie pie!


Art trade by LostLittleDream

Personality: Creepy, keeps to himself a lot.

Sorry there's not much info on them there but I'm kinda rushed for time at the moment so XD
So a warm congrats to :iconrebellic: who's won this little cutie Pastel  Draw to Adopt! by Hylian-Pugapillar
I know you'll give her a good home! :3

BTW merry christmas to everyone before I forget to make another drawing. I've finally got my secret santa done but I went to the folder and everyone's is so much better than mine (it's making me think of redrawing i quickly :'(  )
But other than that my holiday starts on wednesday so I should get more stuff done. I was thinking of opening up my art trades if anyone is interested...

Also I've got a load of voucher so time to buy the art supplies and all the  game merchandise yippeee!!!
Ohai peeps, I know I haven't done a journal in a while, I just haven't had the time in between work XD
But i'm here now!
I hope chu all had a happy Halloween and Bonfire night... me, well I didn't do much but I was a grim reaper for halloween. (I should of cosplayed as my oc grim but I dyed the ends of my hair blue instead of green...WHAT WAS I THINKIN'?!?!?! )

Well just to also let you know I've updated my commisions with some newer drawings added in there. Which you can find here:
Commision infoChibi Starlight Glimmer Icon 
Here's all my commision information at the moment. I plan to add more to this in the future when I have developed my art a bit more. (For example different animated pixels and even landscapes).
                Chibi with simple background: 30 points
Anime bust : 35 points
Examples :
Style 1.  
Style 2.
Style 3: Medli by Hylian-Pugapillar Cloud by Hylian-Pugapillar
Pixel Icon (50 x 50 ): 20 points (unanimated) 25 points( blinking)
Request for :iconnuxu: by Hylian-Pugapillar :th

Also I have a draw to adopt open if any of you are interested. I'd love to see your entries! It finishes Dec 10th but I may extend it :3
Pastel  Draw to Adopt! by Hylian-Pugapillar  ENTRIES:
Hey guys! I have no inspiration lately so I'm taking on requests and art trades. I might not do all the requests it depends to be honest. I'd like to either draw someones oc that unique and cute. Also I'd also like to draw lil monster ocs  and gothic ocs.
Like isl said.  I might not do all of them so dont get angry or be rude if yours isn't picked.

Hope chu all have a good day peeps!♥♡♥
So hey guyss, just thought i'd mention my friend is doing free requests at the moment and her art is beautiful!!!
Go check her out and get churselves some freebie art!!!…
  • Eating: Gona get some food...right now.
  • Drinking: Coke
Chibi Starlight Glimmer Icon 

Here's all my commision information at the moment. I plan to add more to this in the future when I have developed my art a bit more. (For example different animated pixels and even landscapes).




                Chibi with simple background: 30 points


    1.         Princess Ruto by Hylian-Pugapillar

    2.       Entry:Kara by Hylian-Pugapillar

    3.       Little reaper by Hylian-Pugapillar


Anime bust : 35 points

Examples :

Style 1.   Berry by Hylian-Pugapillar Grim by Hylian-Pugapillar

Style 2. Medli by Hylian-Pugapillar Nanami by Hylian-Pugapillar Humph by Hylian-Pugapillar

Style 3: Virru-codii by Hylian-Pugapillar Drice by Hylian-Pugapillar Medli by Hylian-Pugapillar Cloud by Hylian-Pugapillar


Pixel Icon (50 x 50 ): 20 points (unanimated) 25 points( blinking)


Request for :iconnuxu: by Hylian-Pugapillar Nerdy little minds request by Hylian-Pugapillar Ikaros Icon by Hylian-Pugapillar


Pixel doll : 30 points


Vaati doll by Hylian-Pugapillar All eyes on me by Hylian-Pugapillar Request for canibalbunny by Hylian-Pugapillar Request No.2 by Hylian-Pugapillar


Full body art : 50 points


It's cyclops time! by Hylian-Pugapillar Monster cuties( adopt closed) by Hylian-Pugapillar

If you’d like to see any more examples of my art, just check my gallery peeps :3

Twilight Sparkle (Run) 

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  • Drinking: Coke
Hi guys!!! I just thought that I'd make a journal as I haven't made one in a while. This one might be short as like always I have no idea what to say.

OMG i just finished organizing my stash so my bbys and their artwork are neatly tucked away into beautiful folders! So much effort. Though looking through I think I need to give more love to some of my adopts and to my oc puppet and start creating some more lovely piccies of them.
Huehueh there's the link if chu want to take a look at them mega evolution organisational skills.

I start work on Monday btw so I don't know if I will have as much artwork to post but I will still be here, stalking around. Hey at least you wont be getting my spams as much ( I am sorry about them guys but I can only get on at certain times so i like to get all my work uploaded, i hope chu understand <3)

Though for today and tommorow i might get some fanart drawn or might practice my landscapes more...

Hope chu all have a good day, love chu guys!
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  • Drinking: Coke
So i'll open up these art trades but i'm going to be doing ones which look like this:
Grim by Hylian-Pugapillar Berry by Hylian-Pugapillar
I probably will be happy to trade with nearly everyone! <3

Things I won't draw:
Anything 18+
Silly poses
Tagged by senpai:iconabiberry:

1.) Real Name: Chloe
2.) Nicknames: Hydra, grim, clover butter all over.(<don't ask XD )
3.) Zodiac Sign: Taurus
4.) Male or Female: It's a bit obvs....
5.) Elementary School: :3
6.) Middle School: >.<
7.) High School: ??
8.) Hair Color: Light brown.
9.) Long or Short: Medium.
10.) Loud or Quiet: Ca depend.
11.) Sweats or Jeans: Jeans.
12. Phone or Camera: a phone has a camera???
13.) Health Freak: Nope.
14.) Drink or Smoke: Nope.
15.) Do You Have A Crush On Someone: shhhh secret.
16.) Political orientation: ?????
17.) Piercings: Yus.
18.) Tattoos: Nope.

19.) Airplane: No.
20.) Car Accident: No.
21.) Fist Fight: No.

22.) First piercing: Ears.
23.) First Best Friends: Mah twin sis.
24.) First Instrument played: Recorder. 
25.) First award: Maths.
26.) First Crush: Can't remeber.
27.) First Language: English. 
28.) First Big Vacation: Havent been on any big ones

29.) Last Person you talked to: Twin.
30.) Last Person You Texted: Vodaphone XD
31.) Last Person You Watched: stranger
32.) Last Food You Ate: Cornflake cake.
32.) Last Movie You Watched: White chicks.
34.) Last Song You listened to: Pobably a FIR song
35.) Last Thing You Bought: Clothes.
36.) Last Person You Hugged: Friend.

37.) Food: Chicken.
38.) Drinks: Fizzy or frijj.
39.) Clothing: Black.
40.) Book: Game of thrones
41.) Color: Green.
42.) Flower: I dunno.
43.) Music: Metal/rock.
44.) Movie: Batman the Dark knight.
46.) Subjects: Maths, Physics.

48.) [x ] Celebrated Halloween. 
49.) [ ] Had Your Heart Broken
50.) [ ] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone
51.) [ ] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation.
52.) [ ] Used a Weapon
53.) [ ] Breathed fire                                                  
54.) [ ] Had an Abortion. 
55.) [x] Done something you've Regretted 
56.) [x] Broke a Promise 
57.) [x] Kept a Secret
58.) [x] Pretended To Be Happy 
59.) [] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life 
60.) [ ] Pretended To Be Sick 
61.) [ ] Left the Country. 
62.) [] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
63.) [x ] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
64.) [ ] Ran a Kilometer 
65.) [ ] Went To the Beach 
66.) [] Stayed Single 

67.) Eating: Cornflake Cakes.
68.) Drinking: Robinsons orange.
69.) Getting Ready To: Post this. 
70.) Listening To: Pokemon battle theme tune.
71.) Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Dunno.
72.) Waiting For: ???

73.) Want Kids: ???
74.) Want To Get Married: Not right now.
75.) Careers in minds: ???

76.) Lips or Eyes: Eyes, they have more colours.
77.) Shorter or Taller: No preference
78.) Romantic or Spontaneous: Spontaneous.
79.) Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Veins.
80.) Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive.
81.) Hook-up Or Relationship: Dunno.
82.) Troublemaker or Hesitant: TM.

83.) Lost Glasses/Contacts: Yus!
84.) Ran Away From Home: Nope.
85.) Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: Nope.
86.) Killed Somebody: I wish ;D
87.) Broken Someone's Heart: Apparently so.
88.) Been Arrested: Nope.

90.) Yourself: ....
91.) Miracles: Yeh why not?
92.) Love at First Sight: No.
93.) Heaven: It's nice to think there's something else.
94.) Santa Claus: NO.
96.) Magic: Yus.

97.) Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: Yup.
98.) Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: Yeh.
99.) Are You Happy With The Person You're With:YUS.


Well now that the horribleness of exams is over, I will be able to create my own works. Though I'm putting of requests though for a while as I have some personal pieces I would like to finish :€
I'm going to take on requests to destress guys...
I can't promise they will be done straight away though as I'd like to take my time on them...

Omg, also I've been practicing landscapes lately but I'm so bad at painting them...

*munches away on dairymilk oreo*
N'awwww thanks you guys! To celebrate I will do some requests but be warned they may take a while to be uploaded due to my exam work! !!

Hfbfb so not ready for my biology exam tommorow...
I've already had maths and physics bug I feel kinda meh about them now.

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1- What was your favourite book when you were younger?
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3- your favorite OC?
Chari, chi. Senpai-chan! by Hylian-Pugapillar Closely followed by: Puppet by Hylian-Pugapillar
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I was a turtledove in primary..... >///>
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Wii games, straightners bits and bobs...
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So this is my second journal of the day, sorry about that. I was just wondering though, do you guys think I should get an instagram to post my arts??? I have a tumblr but I kinda have no followers XD its only fairly new though..  my tumblr is littlelumpofmeat by the way... juat if you wanted to join me on there. I have an fb too but I only have my old art on there at the moment :-I

Exams start next week as well so I might now be on here as much..